Everyone can take an active role in keeping the waters of Sheboygan County clean.

Here are just a few tips for households:

**Avoid using fertilizers, and if you must use, use sparingly and sweep up driveways, sidewalks, and gutters afterwards.

Never dump anything down storm drains or in streams.

Consider lawn alternatives to grass and vegetate bare spots in your yard.

Compost your yard waste.

Check your car for leaks and recycle your motor oil.

Use least toxic pesticides, follow labels, and learn how to prevent pest problems without pesticides.

Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces; consider a rain garden to capture runoff.

As Rose Royce suggests, take your car to the carwash instead of washing it in your driveway.

Have your septic tank pumped and system inspected regularly.

Pick up after your pet, scoop the poop!**

Educational Materials

Kids Stormwater Game

Kids Stormwater Game

A fun, interactive way to learn about stormwater & erosion control.

Stormwater Game

Rain Garden Design

Easy, beautiful and effective ways to filter your stormwater.

Rain Garden Information

Septic System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your system can pay dividends.

Septic System Information

Stormwater Maze

Educational maze explaining many different stormwater treatment options.

Educational Stormwater Maze


In 2016/2017 staff from each of the entities required in Sheboygan County to submit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources WPDES permits, teamed up to avoid duplicating efforts in regards to stormwater and erosion control education. The staff felt this would be a more consistent, cost-effective, and efficient approach. Those Sheboygan County entities involved are Sheboygan County, City of Sheboygan, City of Sheboygan Falls, Village of Kohler, Village of Howards Grove, Town of Sheboygan, and Town of Wilson. The Sheboygan County Planning & Conservation Department is the lead agency in the effort based on the collaborative efforts of all the entities.